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About Us

Building Blocks is a charity project set up with the aim of helping and supporting children living in areas of poverty around the world.


Our aim is to not only provide a safe haven for these children but to provide them with the medical, optical, dental and educational provisions to aid their well-being.


We can achieve this by raising funds and sending it to local project co-ordinators – but the Building Blocks team also want to play a bigger role than this. Not only will we be involved in the fundraising projects in the UK, but we will also be self-funding travel to these areas to follow the progress of our projects and ascertain how we can help going forward. During each visit we are also hoping to educate the children on the importance of hygiene and keeping fit and healthy, as well as provide basic health checks – things that here in the UK, we take for granted. We hope that by providing the right kind of on-going support, it will not only help these children but also the communities as a whole.


Check out a little video about us from 2013!

Our team, which consists of individuals with various skills and backgrounds, are volunteering their time and expertise to ensure that Building Blocks can achieve its aims in the best possible way. This means collaborating with registered charities both here in the UK and around the world. For Project Sri Lanka, we will be collaborating with registered charities such as Tamil Aid, who are best positioned to direct our help to the areas of need. Building Blocks want to give these children a childhood that they can look back on with fondness and smile…. so together let’s give them that. A New Start, New Hope and New Life.

Our Team

Building Blocks was the brainchild of friends wanting to do more for orphans back in their motherland. Following their maiden trip to Sri-Lanka, they wanted to get a group of like-minded individuals together to determine if their dream to start a charity would be realised – a team of people with the same aims and variable skill sets. Subsequently, Building Blocks was born and the team of directors behind the scenes couldn’t be more diverse even if we tried.


Our diverse skills are the driving force behind our successful projects and fundraising events. Together with the help of volunteers and Building Blocks supporters we are able to see these projects to fruition as well as commit to new challenges.

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