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What does the £70 entrance fee cover? 

  • 1 nights stay at the hotel.

  • Breakfast for one day.

  • Dinner on Saturday evening.

  • Transportation to and from Brecon.


Closing date for fundraisers is 30th August 2017


What is the route?

  • The hike route is 11 miles, there will be a lot of unsurfaced rural paths, walking boots and waterproof clothing is recommended


What equipment would I need on the day? 

For the hike:

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Back pack to store snacks and drinks

  • Walking boots is highly recommended


How do I prepare for the challenge? 

The Bike and Hike is an endurance event and it is important that you are fully prepared - we'll send you a training plan with your place confirmation so you can get started. Please ensure that you consult a medical professional if you have any conditions that may pose a health hazard when completing the Challenge - it is your responsibility to ensure you are fit enough to undertake the Challenge. ·        



We have a hotel booked in Brecon, which can accommodate us all. There will be 6 bedroom and 10 bedroom dorms with bunk-beds.. Please note, if you are not happy with sharing a room your entrance fee is likely to increase and rooms are very limited. 


How do I get to/ from Brecon? 

Transportation from London to Brecon and back will be provided in the entrance fee.


What are we fundraising for? 

We're just finalising the project due diligence and will let you know as soon as we do. 


What are the fundraising targets for participants?

The sponsorship target this year is to raise £300 each, we know this is a challenge, but this is for a good cause! So try your best :)


How did you set the Fundraising Targets? 

Fundraising targets have been set on the basis of the average achieved per participant, per distance last year. In that mix, there were some who exceeded the targets we have set this year and some who fell just short - we expect the same again this year. Similar events externally usually have a higher fundraising commitment and a registration charge to contribute towards the costs.


What support will you provide me to help reach my fundraising targets? 

In the build up to the Challenge, we will be sending fundraising tips and tools to help you raise money amongst your friends, family, colleagues and networks. 

Make a £70 entrance payment via bank transfer (don't forget to put your name in the message box):



Account: 62328380
Sort Code: 40-15-05

Reference: YourName

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