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Bike and Hike 2015 - Southdowns, Eastbourne

The infamous Bike & Hike of 2015 took place over the weekend of 12th-13th September at South Downs where many hiked and/or biked all in the name of raising money for Building Blocks.


The aim of the fundraising was to for the construction of a pre-school in Sampur, an area where many displaced families have been attempting to restart their lives following the war, and especially the children. The school will introduce some normality and routine back into their lives that had been so heavily disturbed, as well as give them some hope of a future. The Bike & Hike was a great success, as it has proved to be in the past, and this year we raised an amazing £12400. The planning and constructing for the school is underway and we will be updating you on its progress.


Thank you to all our participants and their sponsors for their kind donations.

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