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Helping Individuals

Helping Individuals

Meet Shan. Since Shan was born he lived in a central area of conflict in northern Sri Lanka. His family, along with many others were constantly being displaced from their homes for the sake of protection. This continued on for most of his life, but no matter what happened he attempted to forge on with his education and in developing his cricket skills.


Unfortunately, during the last days of the war, this young man’s life changed for the worst.  During a shell attack not only did he lose his father, but also his right upper limb and lower limb were severely damaged. 



He was told that to save his life, both the right arm and right leg would need to be amputated. He remained in hospital for almost a year after the procedures, and another charity very kindly fitted him with a lower limb prosthesis. With this he now continues to walk to school and can even continue to play cricket.



The BB team members on the Sri Lanka 2014 trip were fortunate enough to meet this young man and to hear his story. He is extremely thankful for the lower limb that the other charity gave him, and has now adapted to being left handed to some extent, but still finds it very difficult doing some basic things that we take for granted.


The Building Blocks team will therefore be facilitating the fitting of a light weight upper limb prosthesis for Shan with the hope that it will give him more “normalcy” to his life so that he may continue to excel in his education and in his sports. We look forward to visiting this young man next year, to see how is life has changed with the new prosthetic limb.


Stay tuned to hear more about this Building Blocks project.

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