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House of Care

House of Care

​Building Blocks are pleased to announce our support for the House of Care (HOC) Centre for Intellectual Disability, Ampara

The HOC are directly involved in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) for inclusive education and also support some selected children with disabilities in the Ampara district of Sri Lanka. They believe inclusive education and mainstreaming disability development projects are a gateway to a better future -  economically and socially - for people with disabilities. School is a place for learning and play - a place with routine, structure and stimulation as well as friends.​​


Many children with disabilities in Sri Lanka never have the opportunity of attending a school. Some are never enrolled, whilst others may try to attend but for many reasons drop out eg. lack of support and transport or parents unwilling or unable to see the benefits of education for their disabled child.

Goals of the HOC:

1. To provide special education and training to children with disabilities

2. To improve the living standards of socially and economically deprived communities who have among them person with disabilities.

3. To increase the level of participation of persons with disability in development activities


Building Blocks will be support the HOC Ampara by providing financial assistance for current and future expenses.


​Future expenses include: More intensive training for staff and provision of links with institutions that can provide greater support for this centre, improvement of care and teaching for the children, and repair and refurbishment of the washroom and toilets.


Furthermore, Building Blocks will be supporting the development and setup of a new HOC in the Vanni.


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