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Hydration Project

To supplement this project, the team held small study sessions at some of the orphanages explaining: 1. the symptoms of dehydration, 2. how long term dehydration effects your body, 3. how much children of varying ages should drink each day, 4. how climate change and activity levels should alter the amount they drink.


The children were surprised by how little they drank in comparison to how much they should be drinking, many of them saying that they had been exhibiting symptoms of dehydration quite frequently.


It was a pleasure to be able to teach such receptive children and to walk away knowing that you have empowered them with some basic but useful knowledge. Due to the success of these sessions Building Blocks will be looking into expanding their health education programmes on further trips. Thanks again for all of your support.

In 2013-14 Building Blocks has managed to fit not 1…not 2… but 16 water filtration systems at 16 different orphanages in the northeast of Sri Lanka.


Water in this region has a rather high calcium concentration which can make drinking water unpleasant and unhealthy. In some of these orphanages the water was so unclean that it was a dull brown colour prior to the filtration systems being fitted.


Now, because of your great contributions towards Building Blocks, over a 1000 children have clean drinking water every day.

Hydration Project

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