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Current Projects

Previous Projects

Sampur in the district of Trincomalee. This area is home to hundreds of displaced families who have had to resettle due to the war.

Our first building project at the Sacred Heart orphanage in Killinochi. One building built and another renovated.

We have managed to find an optician in Kilinochi who has offered to complete eye sight tests on 500 children. Building Blocks will fund the purchase of frames and lenses for these children whilst supporting this local business.

Read Shan's story.

Raspberry Pi Project

Page coming soon.

Box of Smiles

Page coming soon.

We are thrilled to announce that we are meeting the cost of a full year’s schooling for six young people in Kenya.

Pleased to announce our support for the House of Care (HOC) Centre for Intellectual Disability, Ampara

IT project in Killinochi to help develop tangible computer skills for children.

In 2013-14 Building Blocks has managed to fit not 1…not 2… but 16 water filtration systems!

Find out where some of the bike and hike money raised went! 

BB  presentation on Encouraging Hydration at the International BMJ conference on quality and safety in healthcare.

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