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"I took part in the Big Bike and HIke last year motivated by my wish to help children affected by the war and to raise money for orphanages in Sri Lanka. I would not say that it was an easy challenge and it is not the type of event that I would usually considering taking part in. However, given that the cause is so close to my heart, I decided to take on the challenge and I am glad that I did! I prepared by going to the gym between 3 to 4 times a week. I went to spin classes which helped to develop my endurance but nothing beats actually training outside on a bike. My desire to help the cause kept me motivated in my training and on the event itself. The Building Blocks team are doing a really great job for orphaned children in Sri Lanka and completing the challenge to help this cause gave me a sense of achievement. I really would recommend signing up to anyone who would like to take on a challenge for a worthwhile cause"

Testimonials from last year's cyclists:


"I decided to take on the Big Bike and Hike Croatia Challenge as anything that I can do to help kids in need is worth doing. I also saw it as an opportunity to be more physically active and beneficial to my health. I must say that I perhaps underestimated the amount of training that I should have done in preparation for the event. I could have done more to prepare for the challenging uphill climbs which formed part of the cycle route. For those already signed up or thinking of signing up, my tip would be work hard, play hard, smile and have as much fun as you can preparing and on the trip itself. We all supported and encouraged each other throughout the challenge. Croatia 2013 was a fantastic trip because of the people who went, the organisation of the event, the worthwhile cause and the team ethic amongst the participants."

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