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Transition Project

IT: Transition Project

We are very excited to inform you that Building Blocks has managed to roll out it's first "transition project."



A "transition project" is one that helps children living in orphanages develop skills to help them transition into the work force or into university.



As we all know, Information Technology is one of the world's leading industries. Many American and European companies out source their work to countries like Sri Lanka, via online communication methods.



In order to give the children who reside in the orphanages a chance to familiarise themselves with computers, Building Blocks collected many used computers from the UK and donated them to various children's homes in Sri Lanka.



We have done this with the hope that they may develop tangible computer related skills, so that they too may join the growing work force of Sri Lanka.



Three computer labs have been set up in the Northeast of Sri Lanka, one of which is located in a new building we constructed at the Sacred Heart orphanage in Urthurapuram.


Prior to this, the forty-five girls who reside at this home shared one malfunctioning computer among the whole orphanage. We hope that the provision of these computer labs, coupled with learning opportunities will encourage children sitting their O-levels and A-levels to gain computer related skills.

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